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Love riding? Want to be a better barrel racer? Want to improve your horsemanship and train your horse to bring out his full potential?

If the answer was “yes” to any of the above then you’re in the right place, my friend!

Hanson Performance Horses has launched a one-stop-shop for all things horses – from useful barn hacks to training tips and tricks for you and your horse. This site is built around a community of horseman, trainers, riders and generally awesome people. It’s about giving you guys a place to find answers to your horse training questions: How do I start a young horse? How can I improve my own riding? What tack is essential for my barrel horse? What bit should I use?

I want you to follow your dreams. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and I want to help you achieve your goals with your horse because everyone deserves the chance to do what they love.


I grew up learning from and hearing stories of the bronc busting days of my father, who was a saddle bronc and bareback rider for most of his career. It was his passion for training young colts that eventually drove him to conquer the broncs of the rodeo arena. And conquer them, he did. He won 6 Mid-States Rodeo Association Championships over his entire career traveling the country to follow his dreams. The stories he has to tell make anyone want to drop everything they're doing and hear them all.

It was the passion that dripped from every word he spoke about wild horses and cowboy grit that drew me to rodeo. I started out training my own barrel horses with my father's wise direction and eventually developed an itch to rope, which lead me to meet my husband, Rick.

Looking back on the day we met, I can't help but chuckle and think, "poor, poor, Rick!". To say that I was a bad roper is a gross understatement. I mean, I know we all start SOMEWHERE, but my "somewhere" was in...like, negative numbers. I am left handed, had no experience with roping or rope horses whatsoever, and had just jumped into the fire with both feet first. Rick was already an experienced horse trainer and teacher so he, the kind soul that he is, took pity on me and took me under his wing to keep me from killing myself.

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The main thing I have found since training horses myself and then teaming up with my husband was just how much information is out there and, rather frustratingly, how conflicting and confusing it all is. So, I decided to help people like me and carve out a little bit of the internet here where you can find information and advice on building and growing your own horse and horsemanship.

Whether it be for barrel racing or just general horse training, I wanted to have a place for you to have your questions answered. Use my blog posts and resource library to find everything you need develop yourself and your career as a barrel racer or general badass horse trainer. If you’re looking for something a little more, you can also check out the HRH courses (coming soon!).


Becoming great at anything takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. Especially for people who train horses for a living while balancing work, young kids, and putting in specialized time and attention to each horse. It is extremely rewarding and eye-opening. We  interact with a lot of ropers and barrel racers looking for a step up horse but aren't confident in their own horsemanship skills yet.

Like horse training, the internet is an ocean of baffling and inconclusive articles on how to teach yourself to barrel race, improve your horse's skills, earn millions, and rule the world. OK, so I got a bit carried away there but you get the picture. There are posts that tell you training a horse and teaching yourself is easy and there are others that promise that it is impossible. I’m not saying that either is wrong but Hanson Performance Horses is about us sharing our journey – what worked, what didn’t and how we do it all.

If you can't find what you need in print, I want you to have the opportunity to learn with personalized coaching without spending an arm and a leg going to clinics all over the country. Check out our monthly coaching for an affordable learning experience by sending us your videos and getting pointers to advance both you and your horse to the payout window FAST!