There’s so much to learn when you start out training a new horse. It’s easy to become overwhelmed.

As a barrel racer, you’re responsible for your horse’s upkeep, nutrition, vet care, training and maintenance, tack and tack fit….

…the list goes on.!

A lot of people struggle to get their horse going on barrels because they don’t know where to start or they become overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information and no one to guide them without spending hundreds on costly clinics.

BUT that overwhelm and confusion is what’s holding you back!

I’m here to help you!


Here are some of the questions I get asked by barrel racers on a daily basis:

  • My horse constantly shoulders or knocks the barrel
  • I’ve got him broke and soft, now what?
  • Why doesn’t my horse rate?
  • How do I get my horse to take the correct leads?
  • How can I help my horse run a cleaner pattern?
  • Can my horse be faster? And, more importantly, how do I achieve that?
  • I have a couple different bits, which one is better?

Sound familiar? I aim to answer a lot of these questions in my blog posts, email newsletters, freebies and courses. But sometimes you need a tailor-made solution and some 1:1 guidance to really make things work for you. That’s where mentoring and coaching comes in.


I don’t know about you, but when I think of coaching, I think about motivational speeches and people trying to change the way I live my life. Right?

Well, that’s not how coaching at Hanson Performance Horses works.

I want to work with you, not for you. Every element of this coaching experience will be tailored to you, your ambitions and the ways that you work best.

The videos you send me will enable me to measure a) your level of communication with your horse, and b) what your horse’s holes and weaknesses are.

Each coaching package then starts off with a review by me of whatever we are working on – your horsemanship, your horse’s mistakes, your tack choices and fit, etc.  I can then assess how we go from where you currently are skill-wise to achieving your goals in the arena.

I will give you personalized drills and tips for getting your horse softer, more responsive, and faster on the pattern as well as make sure you are confident and comfortable implementing them.