Horse Trailer Packing Checklist

The Ultimate Checklist for Packing a Horse Trailer

There is so much to remember when packing for a trip for myself, my kids, AND my husband (who, without my help, would bring 2 sets of clothes and a toothbrush no matter how long the trip).

Add in one horse or more to the mix….WHEW!!

That is a quick ticket to frazzle-ville, am I right?

It can be an added source of stress every time you find yourself standing in front of your trailer tack room racking your brain for everything you could possibly need for you and your horses.

But it doesn’t have to be!

I used to feel like this too until I literally just sat down with a list of things I needed to pack ahead of time and checked each item off as I confirmed it’s residence was safe and sound in the trailer.

This made packing WAY faster, smoother, and more thorough. You can download and print out this snazzy checklist for yourself and print multiple copies, laminate one copy, or keep in a clear binder sheet protector for multiple uses.

Check it out!!!

Documents (horse/truck/trailer insurance, negative Coggins, health papers, registration papers)

Medical Kit (Horse & Human) Link to articles

Extra Halter & Lead per Horse

Extra Quick Release Clips

Hoof Pick

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Reins, Plus a Spare

Spare latigos & leather ties for saddle

Leather Punch

Feed Bucket per Horse

Water Bucket per Horse

Bucket Hangers

Hay Bag(s)

Feed for Duration of Trip per Horse Plus Extra

Hay for Duration of Trip per Horse Plus Extra


Feed Scoop

Stored Water

Lunge Line & Whip

Crop/Over Under/Quirt

Saddle/Saddle Pad


Bit/Bridle, Plus Spare Headstall

Polo Wraps/Shipping Boots

Grooming Supplies

Manure Pick

Horse Blankets or Coolers (weather permitting)

Fly Spray

Fly Sheets

Tool Box (Lug Wrench, Jumper Cables, etc.) Link to article

Emergency Supplies Link to article

Spare Tire Checked for Air

Wire Cutter

Duct Tape

5-10’ of Rope or Chain

Snacks/Water in Cooler

Warm Clothes/Blankets

Riding Boots/Spurs

Riding Clothes

Bleacher Seat Padding or Lawn Chairs (as needed)

Horse Trailer Packing Travel Checklist
Have I missed anything? What are your trailer tack room must-haves? Comment Below!

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