Barn Hacks

60 Life-Changing Barn Hacks

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I don’t know about you, but as a busy mom and horse owner, it seems like there is NEVER enough time in the day for everything I want to get done. But as the weather warms up, the chore list only seems to pile up! I can feel my energy and enthusiasm dwindling already just thinking about it. I’m here today to give you some of the best barn hacks for handling your chore list like a BARN BOSS so you have more time and energy to actually enjoy your horses.

  1. Toilet brush or other long handled brush for scrubbing buckets and troughs
  2. Strainer, butterfly net or pool net from dollar store to scoop hay out of water
  3. WD40 to remove knots from the mane and tail
  4. Leaf blower to keep stable aisles clean
  5. Sled/toboggan for hauling hay to the turnouts during winter
  6. Coffee can, tupperware for storing pre-measured feed and/or supplements for fast, efficient feeding

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  7. Disposable baby diaper as hoof compact for dressings
  8. 50/50 mix of athlete’s foot cream and Preparation H to treat thrush
  9. Spandex/leggings under jeans for extra warmth in winter
  10. Broom holder in tack room of barn and/or trailer for manure pick storage
  11. Latex gloves under regular gloves in winter to prevent freezing
  12. Ketchup/mustard bottles from dollar store for application of frog/thrush treatments
  13. Ketchup/mustard bottle for squirting water onto mare’s lady parts to clean
  14. Hand warmer packs in gloves and boots for warmth
  15. Fill used worming tubes with applesauce to condition horses to accepting wormer
  16. Turkey baster to water colicing horses
  17. Kitty litter scoop to scoop soaked feed into pans
  18. 5 gal buckets or kitty litter bucket (with lids) for carrying water without spilling
  19. Disposable diapers or feminine sanitary pads for wraps, bandages, or covering foot poultices for abscesses
  20. Large C clamps for moving stall or trailer mats
  21. Coffee grinder for grinding medication
  22. Vegetable brush cleaner for cleaning small crevices of hooves and shoes
  23. Baby wipes for cleaning udders and sheaths
  24. Grill cleaning block or pumice stone in place of slick brick in a pinch
  25. Dry erase board or large desk calendar for tracking farrier/vet appointments, worming schedules, etc.
  26. Cargo pants for riding (good grip like jeans but with side pockets for phone storage)
  27. Sew using dental floss or fishing line with a heavy gauge needle for repairing torn blankets and sheets
  28. Canvas or denim patch for small holes on blankets
  29. Brown paper bags (wet with water) wrapped over clayed legs to keep clay wet and cool longer
  30. Baby wipes for lifting dust, dander and loose hair a brush won’t pick up for a shiny, smooth coat
  31. Storage racks above in rafters of tack/feed room to hold storage bins for blankets, sheets, and other miscellaneous items
  32. Nylon or leather dog collars for strong bucket holders
  33. Diffuse essential oil for a calming effect in the barn for humans and horses 
  34. Toothbrush to clean bits and other small pieces
  35. Baby wipes for cleaning bits and other tack
  36. Run a bit under warm water in the winter to warm it before placing in horse’s mouth
  37. Add Gatorade to horse water when traveling for horses who will only drink water from home
  38. Shelf brackets on tack room wall to hang blankets
  39. Over-the-door- shoe organizer for brushes, fly spray, and/or leg wraps
  40. Hay bag to easily hang box fans on the outside of a stall
  41. Furnace filters attached to each side of box fan with hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent dirt and dust from clogging
  42. Cut the bottom off a quart sized milk carton for a feed scoop in a pinch
  43. Over-the-door coat hanger hung over a stall or turnout rail for an easy halter keeper
  44. Rub a bar of soap or red pepper over wood on stalls and turnouts to discourage cribbing/chewing
  45. Screw or glue a 3-in. diameter pot magnet to the end of a wood dowel to create a 'picker-upper’ for horseshoe nail clippings, spilled Chicago screws, or other small metal parts
  46. Vet wrap around the bottom of stirrups for added grip without compromising safety
  47. Upcycle pallets in your tack room for a cheap shelving solution
  48. Stick velcro strips to your tack room doors or walls and just stick your boots/leg wraps to the velcro for easy storage.
  49. Save the silica packets you get with new shoes and stick them in with any stored tack to prevent it from getting moldy whilst in storage.
  50. Remove stains from any white areas on your horse with a paste made of water, vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. Rub in and let sit for 15 min, then rinse for a white gleam.
  51. Add a splash of baby powder to clean socks, stockings, and other white areas to deter dirt from clinging before entering the arena.
  52. Apply baby oil to tame mane and tail hairs
  53. Apply baby oil around the eyes, nose, and mouth to highlight horse’s facial features in the arena
  54. Mist hair spray over mane and tail braids for longer lasting and cleaner look.
  55. Apply hair spray to keep cowboy hats on
  56. Coat Chicago screws with clear nail polish before screwing them in to keep securely in place
  57. Plastic binder sheets over truck/trailer insurance and registration papers, copy of negative Coggins, and horse registration papers in trailer medicine box in case you forget to bring them on the road.
  58. Zip ties to repair tack, quick patch fencing, and buckets in a pinch
  59. PVC secured to arena fence with hose clamps for easy whip/crop storage
  60. Pool noodles cut to the height of your boot for cheap DIY boot trees

Can you think of any barn hacks I have missed? I would love to hear how you make horse chores easier! Comment below!


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